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Q Report Diamond Engagement Ring Insurance

Q Report Certified Jeweller

Q Report Calculator

Just enter the purchase price of your item of jewellery in the box below,
and you will see the cost of the Q Report.

Purchase amount, $AUD:

Premium including GST for first year, AUD: $0.00
Total including GST for every year thereafter, AUD: $0.00

(There is a one-off fee of $115 for the Q Report customised book)

What does it mean to be a Q Report Certified Jeweller?

  • Jason Withers Original Diamonds can arrange instant worldwide insurance coverage for their clients at the touch of a button. No paper work for you to fill out; it's fast and comprehensive. View policy sample.
  • Please call our studio if you wish to obtain a Q Report insurance policy today.

What does this insurance cover?

  • Damage
  • Accidental loss
  • Theft
  • 12 months worldwide cover

Why is this insurance policy unique?

  • This is a standalone policy; you don't have to have a home contents policy first, which is demanded by most other insurers. View policy sample.
  • It can only be offered by a select few jewellers... Jason Withers being one.

Receive a beautifully bound book with all details of your insurance policy

General Information

  • The Q Report insurance policy is the only policy which makes the point of guaranteeing that you can return to your original jeweller in the case of loss or damage, which in this case is Jason Withers.
  • The insurance underwriter is Chubb Insurance Company of Australia (AFS license number: 239778). The Chubb Group of Companies is one of the world's leading insurance organisations specialising in protecting jewellery and fine arts worldwide.
  • The Q Report has a patented system which re-evaluates your jewellery every year at no charge to you... furthermore there is no need to take the piece into Jason Withers Original Diamonds to be examined.
  • Your piece of jewellery is insured at the purchase price not a valuation price so that you will not pay excessive premium
  • The data is stored in a highly secure online jewel vault should it need to be accessed in the case of a claim (and you do not have your physical documents to hand)

Should you have any questions in respect to the insurance policy its terms and conditions please contact the Q Report hotline on 1300 882 018.

Having spent the time, effort and money in choosing the right diamond ring, protecting it is without doubt... essential.

Click here to visit the Q Report website