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studio4 studio1 studio5 studio2 A Quaint Meeting

From a simple meeting to convey the basics, a ring of intimate possession can be born. All it takes is a phone call, an email or an iPhone application request and a client's piece can be underway within a few short weeks. In Jason's luminous, glass-encased Original Diamonds Brisbane studio, each day is filled with a whirlwind of engagements in ring design showcasing and the passing around of glittering diamonds. Upon meeting by appointment, clients are welcomed in to view a wide range of Jason's latest and most innovative creations with the luxury to sit and chat about the finer details with the designer himself.

The Savoir Faire

There are three important factors, aside from its actual meaning or symbol, which Jason advises should be considered when searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring. These points are imperative to take on board as most women will look at their own engagement ring on more than a million occasions in a lifetime. It will be the subject of numerous compliments and catch the attention of many others as well. To read our complete information guide, please visit our Free Catalogue Page.

1. Form and Design

The perfect diamond engagement ring must reflect the wearer's image and personality, therefore queries such as finger space, fine or heavy design, fitting a wedding and eternity band either side and comfort versus looks will all be addressed during your appointment.

2. Quality of the Diamonds

It comes as no surprise that a jeweller will run through the four C's when it comes down to enlightening a client about the best quality diamond in terms of colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Jason answers all questions thoroughly and is open to any research, opinion and concern as he understands that a client's contribution to the design is just as, if not more, significant to his own.

3. Quality of the Setting

This factor is quite interesting as with the internet and retail jewellery stores, there appears to be a lot of choice. However, the metal of a ring setting is worth thinking about as this is an area to which a lot of people, without the knowledge, have a lot of difficulty in. Whether or not it complements the centre stone is also essential.

To read about our stringent standards for our metal quality, and their various characteristics, please see our Metal Education Page.

Blueprint, Turnaround and Collection

From the initial meeting every client is issued with a job-sheet which is added to at every subsequent meeting, if any. Whether it may be a quote which is then filed away for future reference, or a proposal that has been accomplished, agreed upon and received approval by both the client and Jason to proceed, the jeweller has all job-sheets maintained and followed up on.

A fifty percent deposit on the agreed total price of a design is the general requirement to commence order, shipping and delivery of the diamond(s) and manufacturing of the ring setting. Once a ring design is confirmed, the next stage is production. Jason draws upon his fine workmanship skills to construct a technical CAD drawing or hand-crafted sketch that details each curve, angle and measurement of the design. This is then passed onto our superior metal suppliers and the diamond(s) is ordered from one of a handful of our top-quality global diamond merchants.

The client needs only to wait 3-4 weeks until the end result is in his or her hands. During this time the client has the flexibility to convey any questions or concerns to which Jason and the team handle and respond to with utmost professionalism and courteous manner. The balance of a ring is paid upon collection of the final product.

Interstate and International Service

Our interstate and international clientele are never forgotten. Living in another location distant from our Brisbane studio doesn't mean you aren't offered the same hospitable service and cannot take advantage of our products. Our team makes certain that each international inquiry is taken care of and is in frequent communication with existing, past and potential clients based in other Australian states.

Jason visits Sydney and Melbourne regularly each month to meet with and personally hand deliver his jewellery to clients. He will do his best to have the product in his hands if it has to go somewhere far as he believes it is the quickest and safest method of delivery, especially for any item of great value.

If for any reason personal and private delivery is not an option we utilise Australian Air Express mail, Australia Express Post and Federal Express, insuring your piece with the highest of security by tracking its package location each day and requesting the earliest and fastest release. Click here for more information.