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July 2014

01/7/2014 08:53:34

It's hard to believe we are nearly half way through the year. Although the weather may be cooling down, things are staying busy and interesting in the studio, with some exciting new developments afoot.

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Jason's Thought Corner: Rings for Men

Jason Withers

Men's rings are often overlooked as least important of the rings a couple purchase together, an afterthought.

While a woman does indeed usually have the most spent on her rings, wearing up to 3 on the ring finger, engagement, wedding, eternity, we should put no less thought into the choice of wedding ring for the Mister. Often the only piece of jewellery a man will wear in his lifetime, it is a symbol of his commitment and love, but also a reflection of his taste.

In my view, there are three type of ring style matching broadly three types of thought process by men for their wedding rings. This is a serious decision as there are not many things that you wear on your body constantly, always on display. Width, depth, profile and style are all important, wouldn’t you agree ladies?

Guy 1. The uber classic, conservative look: 4 mm wide, half round profile, polished 18k yellow or white gold.

The uber classic, conservative look: 4 mm wide, half round profile, polished 18k yellow or white gold.

Guy 2. The smooth style bold look: 5 to 6 mm wide, a bit of detail - domes, curved or flat profile.

The smooth style bold look:  5 to 6 mm wide, a bit of detail  - domes, curved or flat profile.

Guy 3. The designer detailed bespoke look, 4 to 8 mm wide, two or three metal types and or finishes and diamonds, lots of diamonds. Can be or is styled along the lines of a matching designer watch.

The designer detailed bespoke look, 4 to 8 mm wide, two or three metal types and or finishes and diamonds, lots of diamonds.

See you next time,

In focus: Symmetry

When a faceted diamond is observed under normal x10 magnification, one can easily study the symmetry aspects of the cut. The symmetry of a faceted diamond plays a substantial role in the cut evaluation of diamonds.

There are certain factors that have to be checked for the perfect cut grade:

1. Symmetry of the sides of the table edges

Symmetry of the sides of the table edges

The table facet of the round brilliant cut should form a perfect octagonal shape, sometimes one or more blunt table edges are observed. There should be four sets of parallel sides of the octagonal shaped table. When the edges are not straight but wavy, a good symmetrical cut is ruled out.

2. Centricity and parallelism of table

Centricity and parallelism of table

The table facet has to be parallel to the girdle plane so that the crown height is equal in all directions. Many a time the table is tilted to remove some inclusion near the surface of the table. The octagonal shape of the table should have its centre exactly above the culet, otherwise it is called eccentric. An eccentric table creates different sizes of crown facets which affects the brilliance of the diamond.

3. Centricity of the culet

Centricity of the culet

The fine point or the smallest facet at the base of the brilliant cut is the culet. Sometimes the culet is faceted. This culet should lie in the centre of the octagonal table. It is very easy to see whether the culet is eccentric from a side view of the stone as well as on looking through the table. If the culet is off-centre then it indicates that the pavilion facet angles are unequal. This gives a very adverse effect on the reflection of light symmetry.

4. Sharpness in the intersection of the facet edges

Sharpness in the intersection of the facet edges

In a perfect cut, the edges of individual facets must meet in a single intersection without any truncated ends. Truncated facets do not meet at a point and affect the uniformity of the cut. A truncated main facet when observed through the table interrupts the symmetrical effect of the adjoining facets.

5. Alignment of the crown and the pavilion facets

Symmetry of the sides of the table edges

The kite facets of the crown should exactly intersect with the pointed edge of the pavilion main facet and the upper girdle facet should synchronise with the girdle facets. There should be a perfect alignment and no sideways displacement with respect to each other. As this clearly affects the regularity of the cut and gives rise to uneven girdle as well as reduced brilliance.

* * *

Triple Excellent Diamonds Catalog

See our Triple Excellent diamonds section on our website to view rare and stunning diamond opportunities to purchase for yourself!

Debbie's pick of the month

Remodel of existing engagement and wedding ring into 1 x 18k white gold engagement ring, using customer’s own 7.57 x 4.94 mm emerald cut centre diamond and own 8 x 1.3 mm princess cuts and 10 x 1.3 mm x 2.3 mm baguette cut diamonds in the shoulders. Total metal weight 7.39 grams.

Debbie's Pick Of The Month

We just love to remodel designs for clients! This fabulous new set used to be one ring, but had become a bit cumbersome and with some wear and tear added in, was due for an upgrade. As you probably all know by now, emerald cuts are my absolute favourite - and this one is a real stunner.

Emily's pick of the month

This beautiful intense yellow diamond perfectly matches the tone of our yellow gold, making these sweet yellow gold double claws an absolutely perfect choice. The halo of white diamonds is set in white gold and the band in yellow gold again. A lovely example of two-tone working in harmony.

Emily's Pick Of The Month (1)

Emily's Pick Of The Month (2)

1 x custom designed halo style ring in 18k white gold with 18k yellow gold band. Set with 1 x centre cushion cut diamond of 0.51ct, VS2 clarity, fancy deep yellow, vg polish, vg symmetry, 4.50 x 4.42 x 2.94 mm, GIA certified. Also set with 16 x 1.3 mm round brilliant cut white halo diamonds in E/F colour, VS clarity totalling 0.16cts.

Petra finds "exceptional" 122-carat blue diamond

Diamond mining company Petra says it has found an "exceptional" 122.52-carat blue diamond.

The "unique" stone was found at the Cullinan mine near Pretoria in South Africa, the company said.

Petra finds "exceptional" 122-carat blue diamond

The crystal is being analysed in order to gauge its value, and the company will not put it up for sale before its financial year runs out at the end of this month.

Petra Diamonds shares jumped 6.5% after the announcement on Friday morning.

"So far, the highest price on record paid for a rough diamond was $35.3m [£20m], paid in February 2010 for a 507 carat white stone, also recovered from Cullinan. We think that this stone may break that record," finnCap analyst Martin Potts said.

The Cullinan mine is no stranger to large diamonds, having been the source for the discovery of the largest piece of diamond rough ever found. The 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond was discovered in 1905, with major cuts currently adorning the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom in the form of the 530-carat First Star of Africa and the 317-carat Second Star of Africa.

According to the media statement, the Cullinan is also renowned as "the world's most important source of blue diamonds". The mine has yielded a number of large blue diamonds since it was acquired by Petra in 2008, including: a 39.9-carat diamond which sold for US$8.8 million (AU$9.4 m) in 2008; a 25.5-carat diamond which sold for US$16.9 million (AU$18 m) in 2013; and a 29.6-carat diamond which sold in February this year for US$25.6 million (AU$27.2 m).

It was also the source of the Star of Josephine blue diamond, a fancy vivid blue and internally flawless 7-carat polished stone that was produced from a 26.6-carat piece of blue diamond rough.

Cullinan I is a 530.2 carat, pear cut diamond and the largest of the Cullinan diamonds

Cullinan I is a 530.2 carat, pear cut diamond and the largest of the Cullinan diamonds. It is also known as the Great Star of Africa, and was set in the head of the Sceptre with the cross which was reworked for this purpose. It may also be hung as the pendant, on its own or from Cullinan II in a brooch. For this purpose the diamonds have both been fitted with two tiny platinum loops on the edges.

See full article at:

Surprise twist in diamonds sale

Two new world records for jewellery have been set at a Christie’s auction, but in a twist, the piece expected to lead the sale was eventually not purchased.

One of the record prices set during the auction house’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Hong Kong on 27 May was for a pair of diamond earrings that sold for US$9.7 million (AU$10.4 m).

Each individual earring consisted of a 25-carat pear-shaped diamond surmounted by a 2-carat diamond and spaced by a smaller brilliant-cut diamond. The pair was set in 18-carat white gold.

A set of pear-shaped diamond earrings sold for $10.4 million

A set of pear-shaped diamond earrings sold for $10.4 million

The other record was made for an intense green diamond ring, which sold for US$3.6 million (AU$3.9 m). The 6 carat cushion-shaped fancy green stone was surrounded by brilliant cut pink diamonds and mounted in 18 carat rose gold.

Prior to the auction, Christie’s had anticipated that a rare Golconda diamond pendant necklace would lead sales. The Eye of Golconda pear and cushion-shaped diamond and emerald necklace featured two Golconda diamonds weighing 7 and 40 carats respectively – the latter being the largest Golconda diamond ever to be auctioned in Asia.

The piece was expected to fetch between US$8.5 million (AU$9.1 m) and US$10 million (AU$10.7 m), but it reportedly did not sell.

Overall, the action sold a total of US$92 million (AU$98.6 m) in jewellery, with other highlights including the sale of a pear-shaped fancy pink diamond ring for US$6 million (AU$6.4 m), a jadeite bangle for US$5.2 million (AU$5.6 m), and three unmounted diamonds which individually sold for prices ranging from US$4.7 million (AU$5 m) to US$4.9 million (AU$5.3 m).

An intense green diamond ring broke a world auction record after selling for $3.9 million

An intense green diamond ring broke a world auction record after selling for $3.9 million

See full article at:

July Newsletter Special

For 48 hours only, this unique and captivating ring is only $7,000!

The Rainbow coloured diamond ring

Platinum diamond band, hammer-set with 18 x 0.04ct rare and beautiful coloured round brilliant cut diamonds in various hues of pink, cognac, green, yellow and champagne colours, totalling 0.72 carats in weight.

The Rainbow coloured diamond ring (1)

The Rainbow coloured diamond ring (2)

The Rainbow coloured diamond ring (3)

For more viewing angles, check out our website:

Why not share this with your friends who may be looking for that something special to surprise their loved one with?

Please enquire at the studio +61 (7) 3839-4088 if you are interested in purchasing this gorgeous piece.

Coming up in August

We have a wide new range of diamond set wedding bands and eternity rings to view in the studio! Come in and see what tickles your fancy. Of course, if you purchased your engagement ring here, we can also create the precise match to it if that is what you are wishing for - contact us for a quote.

As always, we are here to help with whatever it is you wish to create. Please make an appointment to see just how easy giving a custom designed, specially made piece to the one you love, can really be.

Until next time!
The Team at Jason Withers

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