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September 2013

01/9/2013 07:37:22

August has brought some exciting developments to studio life. Jason has been continuing back and forth to the new Sydney office.

Spring has nearly sprung, and we've been willing it on with an abundance of colour, namely fancy coloured diamonds, here in the studio. Apart from the sheer and unrivalled beauty of these rare stones, we adore the variety and sense of indulgence they bring to the diamond jewellery we create.

Colored green diamonds

Debbie's pick of the month

I was reminded recently of this design I created with a lovely couple, as an 25th anniversary gift. Cognac and champagne coloured diamonds have an elegance and richness about them, effusing a warmth and depth unlike many other coloured stones.

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (1)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (2)

Debbie's Pick Of The Month (3)

18ct yellow and white gold dress ring. Set with 0.20cts of D/E colour RBCs. An inspirational gift of love fitted with a 1.00ct brilliant cut cognac in its finest form. With an eye-clean clarity of VS2 and its C6 saturation that mimics the rich, deep colour of champagne, this ring is truly unforgettable.

Emily's pick of the month

This ring's owner came in for a complimentary clean and polish last week, which reminded me of how much I love this design. It is actually our admin assistant Isobel's all time favourite ring! It is a perfect example of a classic design with a twist. The customer really made it her own by merging a few styles. That's what we love doing here - custom design - and it's something retail stores just can't offer.

Emily's Pick Of The Month (1)

Emily's Pick Of The Month (2)

18k white gold ring set with a 1.05ct oval cut diamond, 2 x 0.12ct and 10 x 0.01ct round brilliant cut diamonds in the shoulders, all top parcel.

A new addition to our website gallery, "Borealis" can be viewed in detail at or

In focus: Understanding Coloured Diamonds

They come in all shades of the rainbow, they shine and glisten like the sun but they are formed at the bottom of the earth in conditions from Dante.s Inferno.

Fancy coloured diamonds are an anomaly of nature, and extremely rare. A one carat coloured diamond weighing at 5 grams can fetch as much as a million US dollars. This makes them one of the most concentrated forms of wealth on the earth.

Leibish Polnauer, President & Founder of Leibish and Co., said, "Every lady wants a pink diamond. This is something that I cannot really explain, coloured diamonds are fun, they are different, they are sexy, they are exciting."

Geologists estimate that natural diamonds were formed approximately 1 to 3 billion years ago, giving some truth to the advertising catch-line, "Diamonds are forever".

Coloured diamonds are a result of minute chemical change in otherwise colourless diamonds and result in a specific shade. A minuscule amount of nitrogen for example could make a diamond yellow or brown.

Did you know that we use the term hue to describe different colours of diamonds?

  1. Hue: refers to the dominant colour of the diamond
  2. Tone: relates to how dark or light the colour (hue) of the diamond is
  3. Saturation: is about the strength of the colour.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades coloured diamonds with 27 different hues and have been standardised in the circle colour scheme.

Some hues are straight (possessing one colour) some have a secondary hue (possessing two colours).

Rarity is a key when determining value: the rarer the colour the higher the price.

The most valuable colours are in the following order: Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.

The most common colours are the light yellow, Brown, Black and Grey and yet, during the last few years even these colours are becoming more popular.

Brown (Champagne/Cognac) and black diamonds are also often being used to promote diamond jewellery suitable for men.

Colored diamonds chart

Have you seen the link to our new pink diamonds gallery on the website? There's a wide variety of Argyle and GIA certified stones to view, with some exceptional and rare diamonds available, now is the time to consider investing in these beauties...

Pink diamond

Our rings appearing in real life...

One of the greatest parts of what we do is the feedback we get to hear, after the sale is made. Some of you may know about our Wall of Fame in the studio, an ever expanding collection of photographs that our happy clients so kindly send in - to let us see their rings in action! Such a privilege. Here's a few lovely examples..

Our rings appearing in real life (1)

Our rings appearing in real life (2)

Our rings appearing in real life (3)

Our rings appearing in real life (4)

Our rings appearing in real life (5)

We would love to see photos of your special day. Who knows, you may appear in our next newsletter! you can email them to us at

Coming up in September

There are some exciting new additions that will appear in our sales special section on the website this month. These are ready to go pieces that are available for immediate purchase and on display in our Brisbane Studio. You are welcome to come in and view any of them, and they can be resized to fit you or your partner precisely within the day, at no extra cost. There are earrings, necklaces, ladies and men's rings. Perfect for if you've forgotten your anniversary!

Watch this space for beautiful new pieces. In the meanwhile, here's a currently featured gorgeous pink trilogy ring.

Pink and white diamond trilogy ring

Stunning pink and white diamond trilogy ring. The centre is a 0.40ct, F colour, SI1 clarity, triple excellent, GIA certified, round brilliant cut diamond. The matching pink diamonds total 0.13cts, 5p colour, round brilliant cut. They are set in our Scheat design ring made in 18k white gold of the highest quality.

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All the best 'til next month,
The Team at Jason Withers.

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