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Valentine Day 25% discount for you from Jason Withers

26/1/2016 11:43:19

In style with Jason Withers As our valued client we would like to offer you a 25% discount off earrings, pendants and rings for Valentines Day for your loved ones up till 30th February 2016 In addition please come in for a free clean, polish and safety check and only $75.00 Rhodium Plating of your current Jason Withers pieces. Jason Withers Original Diamonds E-mail: instyle@jasonwithers.com.au Level 7, 149 Wickham Terrace Brisbane 07 3839 4088 Level4, 350 George Street Sydney 02 9119 6488 Our mobile apps The Jason Withers exclusive "Engagement Rings" mobile apps brings an exquisite showcase of our designs to your fingertips for convenient viewing. As the first of its kind, the Jason Withers mobile apps features: Over 280 rings in 10 different categories ...

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January-February 2015

31/1/2015 19:08:39

A heartfelt "Happy New Year" to all our customers. Wishing much happiness and good health to you and yours in 2015, and as always - wishing you beautiful DIAMONDS. Jason is back from a well deserved break overseas, moving through Hong Kong, Dubai, Ukraine, USA, Panama and Colombia for business and pleasure. You may have seen many of his interesting adventures photographically documented on our Facebook page. If wedding bands are on your "to-do" list for nuptials this year, don't forget to come and see us to get a perfect match, or something unique made up especially for you and your spouse-to-be.

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December 2014

30/11/2014 18:09:17

Christmas is just around the corner and almost all of our anticipated pre-Christmas deliveries are in production and on their way to completion ahead of the festive season. What do you all have planned for the silly season this year? The studio will be open until the last day of trade on the 23rd December, reopening on Monday 5th January. Jason's son Konrad turned 21 this month. Jason's Thought Corner. International Diamond & Jewellery Business Being involved at every level of the diamond business has given me much education, experience, personal contacts and joy. Yes, joy! The art of perfection at every level is the most important factor when designing jewellery, whilst also keeping it on budget. Personally checking each diamond and design is like understanding the minute pe...

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November 2014

03/11/2014 12:37:12

Well Summer is finally here after a glorious Spring. The purple flush of Jacarandas in Brisbane are always a joy to behold. Christmas is coming up so quickly, and we have had a flurry of exciting new designs this past month which we are excited to see in their complete pieces. Stay tuned for new designs in upcoming newsletters! Jason's Thought Corner. The Art of Design: Striving for Bling With the internet and ease of access to so many forms of designs, styles and images it is a real driver for me to produce excellent design. Most of my clients have been intensively searching online for ring designs for many weeks, or in some cases even years, for that perfect Engagement ring bling. They will have ideas and/or parts of a design they would like to include from browsing, checkin...

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October 2014

01/10/2014 19:01:58

Jason has returned from his big Greek Island adventure - looking tanned and relaxed, as you would expect. Who could believe the end of the year is approaching so quickly?! Keep in mind that any orders you might want before Christmas will take 4-5 weeks to create, so get your skates on soon! Jason's Thought Corner: Modern Relationships Meeting, greeting, befriending and being involved in an important step in people lives, I really get a snapshot of the joy and development of people's relationships. It is really a great grounding for life, working in a luxury goods/art & design/investment area, and it brings me a lot of happiness as it is tied to people. If being a small part of these people's lives also brings them joy, it makes me happy also, this has been a part of human cultur...

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September 2014

31/8/2014 19:52:15

Jason's Thought Corner: Special from Greece Colour Mixing in Design This month I'd like to talk about coloured diamonds and the contrast of colour of metal coming together to create a unique design. Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold can be mixed with any colour combination of white, pink, black, etc. diamonds to give a stunning contrast or enhance the colour This month just gone, we have created some fantastic examples of mixing things up a bit: This Argyle pink diamond ring, (pictured) in majority 18k white gold has a double halo of small diamonds around the centre pink diamond, the first halo being pink diamonds set in rose gold and the second halo of fine white diamonds in white gold. The 6 claws on the centre pink diamond are also in rose gold. The rose gol...

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August 2014

31/7/2014 13:43:51

As always there are a variety of new happenings keeping us busy here in the studio. Jason returned from Hong Kong, where he was hand delivering a very special piece to one of our clients. Jason's Thought Corner: A Couple's Journey with Jason Firstly I would like to say that I LOVE my business. To me it is so much more than just the combining of precious materials into a design, it is knowing I have made something that is important to the couple's future and continuing love and commitment to one another. It feels wonderful to be a part of that. The enjoyment and interest in meeting new couples at a positive time in their lives always makes me smile. During the process of seeing them return for their wedding, eternity bands, gifts of love, etc, I also see the product of their rela...

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July 2014

01/7/2014 08:53:34

It's hard to believe we are nearly half way through the year. Although the weather may be cooling down, things are staying busy and interesting in the studio, with some exciting new developments afoot. This month we are launching our newsletter to an even wider audience, so, if you are receiving this for the first time and want to stay abreast of all the happenings here, we encourage you to follow the link and subscribe to continue to receive our newsletter direct to your inbox! Jason's Thought Corner: Rings for Men Men's rings are often overlooked as least important of the rings a couple purchase together, an afterthought. While a woman does indeed usually have the most spent on her rings, wearing up to 3 on the ring finger, engagement, wedding, eternity, we should put no less t...

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June 2014

31/5/2014 12:50:42

Well, the new federal budget may have smacked some of us into tightening our purse rings somewhat, but love (like cosmetic sales, I'm told) continues to thrive regardless, and with it - the purchase of some beautiful jewellery. We have been delighted to see that those lucky folk who've found their special someone will brook no resistance in the name of love, and have continued to honour us with the privilege of creating their special pieces. Jason's Thought Corner:The Business of Love Combining aspects of love, beauty, design, science and history, this is a great trade to be in. Happy engagements and marriages start with the perfect Engagement Ring, non? The beauty of the engagement ring will cause the wearer to view the ring more times than they look at themselves in the mirr...

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May 2014

30/4/2014 19:11:02

With all these public holidays, April has been a relatively short month in the studio - but busy, busy, to make up for it! In addition, Emily has been on her annual leave in the USA for the month - we have certainly missed her, are excited to have her back for the start of May (and to hear all about her adventures). Jason's Thought Corner. Fancy Coloured Diamonds: A fad, or beauty from the gods? Firstly, you must know, I love natural coloured diamonds. Every diamond, like every person, has their own distinct personality and mark of beauty. Technically, these diamonds are born in the same way as white diamonds, but have the inclusion of minute colour fragments in their crystal structures. With blue and pink diamonds being the most rare and precious of the fancies, it's exciting ...

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April 2014

31/3/2014 23:00:34

Jason returned from the international jewellery fares in Hong Kong and Bangkok full of new inspiration and ideas and excited to implement them into the business in the upcoming months. One such development is our new "Newsletter Special", whereby we will be offering a heavily discounted piece for the first 48 hours after the newsletter has been published - see our first one below, a spectacular yellow oval diamond centre stone, at this price, it is beyond a bargain. Jason's Thought Corner. Difference in the Cut: Big or Beautiful? "Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together." Vincent Van Gogh." The way in which diamonds are formed deep in the Earth will determine what cut of diamond is produced. They are formed in the cubic...

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March 2014

28/2/2014 21:37:48

The big event in the our world at the end of February each year are the international jewellery fairs. This year, Jason is attending both the Bangkok and Hong Kong fairs, in search of coloured stones for some very special pieces we have planned. Watch this space! Being one of the world's top three jewellery events, the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is an excellent venue to advance business in the diamond industry. All sorts of movers and shakers, from all over the world, go to share their ideas and creations - and naturally, Jason loves to be a part of all the action. We are looking forward to having him back in the studio and hearing all about his travels. Jason's Thought Corner: Designing Diamond Engagement Rings When designing an engagement ring, its important...

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February 2014

03/2/2014 09:12:14

Valentine's Day is nearly here and romancing their special someone with a piece of diamond jewellery seems to have been a very popular gesture for quite a few of our clients, which has been lovely. Not only is Valentine's Day a great opportunity to pop the question, if you've been looking for the right time, but in general, it's a wonderful day to remind ourselves of those we care about most, and to spoil them a little as well! Jason's Thought Corner: Diamonds as Investment? YES & NO People always ask me if diamonds are a good investment, this question is very broad! If we narrow down to certain classes of diamond and at certain price points the answer is YES, but if we are talking low grade, commercially purchased diamonds with a retail margin the answer is definitely NO. ...

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January 2014

02/1/2014 12:53:11

Happy New Year everyone! We are super excited to be beginning a new year of making beautiful jewellery for our special customers. It was a very busy race to the finish line leading up to Christmas - and having all of our rings ready in time for holiday proposals, but we did it! And, to help to get us there, Jason very generously took us all to Sydney for our Christmas party, to check out the, now complete, fit out of the new office at George St, and a gorgeous dinner at Cafe Sydney. We had a wonderful night to celebrate the end of a great year for Original Diamonds. Debbie's pick of the month As I've always said, there is something extra special about making rings for good friends - and the new owners of this beauty don't come any better. Congratulations to the lovely Jo and Andy...

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December 2013

01/12/2013 10:20:21

All is calm, all is sparkling bright! With Christmas just around the corner, November has been a very hectic month indeed. Traditionally it is the favourite time of year to get engaged and give diamonds as gifts - even more so than Valentine's Day we find. With family all around it is a sentimental season and a perfect time to invite your partner to officially become part of that family. Ah, love...! Debbie's pick of the month This was a lovely ring set to create, for a customer who had been disappointed with another jeweller's attempts to make what she was after. We always pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and competitive prices. Pictured: Platinum custom designed engagement ring set with customer's own 8.5 x 5.6 pear shaped centre diamond. The matching halo...

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November 2013

01/11/2013 15:26:28

It's November and we're already starting to think about Christmas here at Original Diamonds - the silly season is almost upon us! It's an extremely busy time of year for us, with many people choosing to get engaged for Christmas and share the glad tidings with their family. Get your orders in now to avoid disappointment! Debbie's pick of the month This design was originally made with pink diamonds in the shoulders and a 2.5ct cushion cut centre diamond, it sold for nearly $65,000. This version is a great example of how some slight 'tweaking' can have a huge impact on the price of a piece, without majorly affecting the look and appeal. Here, we used specially cut pink sapphires in place of diamonds and a 0.90ct centre diamond. It still has a stunning impact on the finger, and is a tim...

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October 2013

01/10/2013 11:33:31

We've been keeping busy and social this month at the studio. We had a lovely night out to dinner with Rami Baron and Kim Ridley from the Q Report last week. "Alchemy" on Eagle St gave us a beautiful vantage point of the Storey Bridge all lit up at night. There are some exciting developments unfolding at The Q Report - and we are feeling very privileged to be part of them - stayed tuned for more details in the coming weeks... Debbie's pick of the month This was such a wonderful set to work on. Using the customer's own centre stone from her engagement ring (which was a yellow gold, bezel set design), we completely redesigned the whole thing to create this amazing and VERY impressive upgrade! It's a lovely idea to remodel pieces that are of sentimental value, but perhaps j...

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September 2013

01/9/2013 07:37:22

August has brought some exciting developments to studio life. Jason has been continuing back and forth to the new Sydney office. Spring has nearly sprung, and we've been willing it on with an abundance of colour, namely fancy coloured diamonds, here in the studio. Apart from the sheer and unrivalled beauty of these rare stones, we adore the variety and sense of indulgence they bring to the diamond jewellery we create. Debbie's pick of the month I was reminded recently of this design I created with a lovely couple, as an 25th anniversary gift. Cognac and champagne coloured diamonds have an elegance and richness about them, effusing a warmth and depth unlike many other coloured stones. 18ct yellow and white gold dress ring. Set with 0.20cts of D/E colour RBCs. An inspir...

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August 2013

01/8/2013 11:06:47

As the winter months and cooler weather press on, our customers have not been deterred from their journeys to the altar! With an especially large number of wedding band purchases this past month, we've been feeling very lucky to see so many return clients, still happily showing off their Original Diamonds engagement rings. It really is one of the best parts of our job - being able to have this continued contact with our clientele, it makes for a very special relationship. As a result of this, we've decided to focus on wedding bands in our "pick of the month". Often overlooked as a second cousin to the engagement ring, wedding bands are a very important and sentimental purchase. The wedding band must compliment the engagement ring and add to the beauty of the hand, which is why they are ...

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