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Investing in Coloured Diamonds

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Investing in Coloured Diamonds

No one can predict the future. But we are able to analyse current information and deduce that if a certain product has a steady price increase over time and a high market demand, it can be considered a sound investment.

Coloured diamonds have managed to position themselves as a wise investment opportunity that should not be missed.

Pink diamonds especially keep moving up at an expediential rate and have done so since the Argyle mine opened. Investors have continued to profit in this market.

The pinks coming from Argyle are known for their unique and strong colour saturation and have always been more sought after and expensive than other pinks.

Coloured Diamonds are for everyone

There is a coloured diamond to match every taste and budget, ranging from $150 right up to a record breaking $10.1 million 6.01 carats vivid blue diamond sold at Sotheby's in October 2011. The price depends of several factors such as hue, saturation and clarity.

Unlike white diamonds, natural coloured diamonds appear in over 300 colours, so you're sure to find one matching your personality. Celebrity trends show Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez have all been pictured on the red carpet wearing coloured diamonds. Mariah Carey likes pink - her engagement ring is a whopping 17 carats, Nicole Scherzinger likes black rough diamonds and Cate Blanchett - natural champagne coloured.

Coloured diamonds are rarer and more sought after therefore presenting a good investment opportunity and a uniquely beautiful stone.

Coloured Diamonds

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