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Q Certified Jeweller

Q Report

The Q Report provides our customers with immediate world wide insurance against loss or damage for a 12 month period. This unique innovation is a world first. Click here for more...

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Insuring Your Ring

We strongly recommend getting your ring insured, whether through your home and contents provider, or in a separate, standalone policy.

Jason Withers Original Diamonds are Q Report certified jewellers, meaning we can provide specialised policies on all items of jewellery purchased through us over $3,000.

Q Report protects you against accidental theft, loss and damage - worldwide. The premium is based on the amount you paid, not the retail valuation we provide, which is often 150-200% more.

This means that you pay less, and are also guaranteed to return to us as your jeweller should anything happen. As we keep your custom design and diamond details on file, we can remake the ring exactly.

To read more about Q report insurance, click here.

You should now be ready to take the plunge! Have a look at the choices available to you, determine your budget, and book an appointment with us today.

You can also download this guide as a PDF here.