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Exclusive Diamond Engagement Rings Catalogue (in PDF-format) by Jason Withers

Jewellery Designing

Congratulations on acquiring my Diamond Ring Catalogue. You are now at the stage of researching and trying to locate the perfect Engagement Diamond Ring.

This catalogue will run you through a breakdown of three important factors that must be looked at while searching for the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring, aside from its actual meaning or symbol. These points are imperative to take on board your mission as most women will look at their own engagement ring more than a million times in a lifetime, and it will also catch the eye and be the subject of compliments countless times from many others.

1. Form & Design

The ring must be beautiful and have aspects to it that will synchronise with the wearer. How much space does the wearer have on her finger? Long or short finger? Does the wearer like a fine or heavy design? Is the wearer after comfort or look? All these factors must be considered and balanced.


Diamond engagement rings are usually worn with a wedding ring and then an eternity ring, so in the design it is always wise that the design incorporates accepting a straight wedding band and eternity band. By this I mean the wedding ring/eternity ring actually fits up flat, flush against the engagement ring. Rings not designed like this can be hugely problematic with the setting and wedding ring not sitting flush and causing wear and damage to each other. A few examples below of how most of my designs are made to accept flush fitting wedding and eternity rings.

Three Diamonds

Diamond Cluster

JW Ring

2. Quality of the Diamonds

As this subject matter covers such a wide range of diamond education, I will put it briefly. It is my best of advice that if you can stay in the highest cut class possible in your preferred diamond shape it will have the most sparkle and scintillation. This means that it will sparkle more than 90% of other diamonds as most are still cut for weight and beauty.

Below is a link for you to view information about hearts and arrows diamonds, bearing in mind that it is ideal to choose beauty over weight:

At the following links you will see that D, E or F colour grading...

...In an "Eye Clean" SI1 clarity...

...With a quality graded certificate such as GIA makes for a perfect diamond.

From here you are now on the right track to having a high quality diamond for your engagement ring. For a multi-diamond engagement ring, all stones should be matched for exact colour and cut class which should be double-checked by the source and supplier.

3. Quality of the Setting

This factor is quite interesting as with the internet and retail jewellery stores, there appears to be so much choice. However, the metal of your setting is worth thinking about as this is an area of which a lot of people, without the knowledge, have difficulties.

The following may sound technical but if you think a little more about it, it makes perfect sense. 75% of 18 karat or 750 white or yellow gold should be fabricated with 25% of another alloy mix using the finest components of precious or base metal to hold your ring's shine and gleam. A platinum mix should be 75% or 95% pure alloyed. There is a big difference in the price of a setting if it has 20% less fine platinum. You also need to consider if the ring has been manufactured with a nicely dense metal with zero porosity (no ability to absorb fluids) or if there is an air/rice bubble consistency in the metal which can lead to cracking. You must ensure that the setting will take the highest polish when finishing as well.

The amount of actual labour that has been invested into the setting and finish of the ring indicates its true quality. It should resemble tidiness and have the diamonds set straight with clean tables facing the right direction. It is also vital that the claws and collets are the correct thickness to hold your chosen diamond and it is your preference as to how deep the band should be, keeping in mind that it needs to suit the design itself.

All the above should be taken into careful consideration if you want the life of your ring to last forever. There are many quality ring settings on the market and many creative manufacturing jewellers but little do people know that the majority of diamond ring settings are extremely poor even if they look nice to the eye. Be aware of enhanced photographs as most of them are online these days.

To put it simply, if you do your homework and are open to advice, you can't go wrong.

I wish you all the best in your search for the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Jewellery Designer, Gemmologist, Diamond Grader
Jason Withers

History of Original Diamonds

Original Diamonds, its partners and directors have been a part of the diamond and Jewellery industry since dating back to the early 1960's with the first handling of Russian diamonds. The following is a brief list of the company's achievements which has led to vast business growth over the past four decades:

  • Diamond and jewellery manufacturing was set up in Hong Kong in the 1970's organising main supply and manufacturing chains for Jardine Matheson.
  • Accountable for having a foundering diamond member from one of the first diamond cutting polishing operations setup in the United Kingdom.
  • Involved in the pioneering and processing of the first commercial parcels of coloured diamond rough to come out of the Australian diamonds mines, Freeport, Bow River and Argyle, with joint venture cutting and polishing factories in India.
  • Introduction of first commercial shipments of fancy coloured and pink diamonds to the Australian and Asian Markets in the 1980's

History Continued

  • Introduction of pilot coloured diamond jewellery collections through the United States in the late 1980's Vogue, Woman's day etc.
  • Execution of commercial sales marketing and promotion of Hearts and Arrows perfectly cut diamonds into South East Asia, Australia and United Kingdom in 1990's
  • Development and launch of diamond costing software for the internet and industry use through the 1990's to early 2000's
  • Original Diamonds official website launched in January 2001 with over 20,000 stock diamonds fully linked for public offering.
  • Involved at all levels of the diamond/jewellery industry from joint venture diamond manufacturing, to organization of direct supply lines of commercial diamond stocks, diamond holding, procurement manufacturing to direct internet wholesaling and jewellery manufacturing.
  • Original has in its team of fully trained gemmologists, diamond graders, cutters polishers and master jewellers.

iPhone application

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring to propose to your partner with, it is vital that the ring fits her perfectly. You can do this by using our catalogue made especially for the iPhone, the one-of-a-kind Jason Withers Engagement Ring Catalogue application. With this you will find exclusive diamond rings from Jason Withers, the professional master jeweller, diamond grader and gemmologists.

Highlights of this application include:

  • 120 rings viewable in 8 available categories
  • The ability to send a request to the Jason Withers website for any ring, as well as diamond, directly from your mobile
  • A unique calculator of ring sizes (in USA, Australian/UK, European and Japanese/Chinese sizing)

The user interface of this application is extremely simple; there really is nothing to it. So if you have an iPhone and are on the go but you need a quick dose of information concerning diamonds, ring settings, designs and ring size, the Jason Withers Engagement Ring Catalogue application is free to download for your total convenience.

iPhone app "Engagement Rings"

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